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New Movie, Out Today, OCTOBER BABY

March 24, 2012

Outstanding, amazing, already one of my favorites, how can I adequately describe the movie, October Baby, just out today? The story of a young woman, Hannah, suddenly confronted with truth about her origins, touched my heart deeply. Her incredible inward and outward journeys changed not only her but others profoundly.
This movie struck very close to home, mirroring my own story. I too have travelled many of the same trails, taking more years in my travels but traversing similar hurdles and high and low points.
All I can say, as other reviewers have already said, it is a must-see movie!


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

January 12, 2011

Superb acting and excellent visual effects enhance the viewing of the new release, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. True to most of C.S. Lewis’ book by the same name, the movie captures the essence of the story.

Yes, there are some major changes to the plot. Narnian diehards will have a hard time accepting these differences, altering sequence and timing. The screenplay and its basic requirements impose upon the written word new criteria as a novel is transposed into visual art. In spite of the alterations, the writers have maintained the integrity of the characters in Lewis’ book. Eustace, for example, goes through the same transformation of personality even though it is done in a different context and position from the book.

The spiritual content also is preserved. Aslan’s land is a beautiful and moving picture of the afterlife. In an eloquent speech, Aslan inspires us to find him in this world by another name.

A movie that lifts my spirits, artfully transporting me to another land, time and place, gets my vote of confidence as an excellent movie for both young and old. I hope the minor story modifications will be overlooked by fans and that the movie will get the thumbs up vote of confidence it needs to be successful in a very competitive market. It is a great attempt to portray a very complicated novel. Congratulations to those who worked on this third Narnian movie! I will see it again and again, bringing those I love to enjoy this edifying epic

( I posted this review on the Narnia Fans website on Dec. 11 –, under Susan.)