The Perfect Thanksgiving Story

Learning gratitude and “seeing the silver lining in a situation” are prescriptions from both the Bible and worldly wisdom how to have a successful and joyful life. How would you like to have this important lesson clothed in a delightful story to warm your heart and inspire your actions this Thanksgiving season? The classic children’s novel Pollyanna is the answer.
Yes, I know you’ve seen the movie. Most of us have had the pleasure of experiencing Disney’s Haley Mill’s 1960’s version, but truly it is not the same story as you’ll find in the original book. Hollywood created an almost musical, extravaganza Pollyanna. However, if you haven’t read the book, you missed the full development of both characters and plot.
The Glad Game, the wonderful game Pollyanna’s deceased father taught her, is a key theme throughout; it is beautifully developed and practiced in the book. To read its inspiration lay in the “rejoicing texts” was such a joy to discover!
This is just a fun suggestion to read and share Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter with the special children and the young-at-heart in your life to make your Thanksgiving even happier.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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