Are You Touched by Adoption?

Welcome! Please share who you are and if adoption has touched you in any way. Are you a member of the classic Adoption Triad (adoptee, birth parent, or adopted parent)? Or the Adoption Constellation (spouse, sibling or other relative of a triad person)? Or just interested in the subject of adoption for other reasons? Thanks.


4 Responses to “Are You Touched by Adoption?”

  1. Josh Says:

    This is a great question! And a great way to know who is out there in cyberspace! Rock on!

  2. susanmccrea Says:

    Thanks, Josh. I am hoping to get interaction from readers. Thanks again for all your help with my website/blog! The Writing Page is awesome with The Cradle article very visible now.

  3. McCracken Poston Says:

    In November of 2000, my then wife and I traveled to the Republic of Kazakhstan, and there on the steppes of the border with Siberia in a little town 40 degrees below zero, I became a father to my son Mac. A couple of weeks later, in the old capitol of Almaty, I became a father again to my daughter Alina. In 2006, we all returned, and in the mountains at Esik I became father again, to my son Cal.

    My marriage ended in 2009, but my children and I honor Kazakhstan and the wonderful circumstances that put us all together every day. We fly the Kazakhstan flag at home, and even named out mountain home “Little Khan Tengri,” after the tallest peak in Kazakhstan.

    Today Alina, Mac and Cal are the main focus of my life. I can’t imagine not being their father, and I am so glad that earlier efforts to have children did not succeed! The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

    Today my children are 10, 9 and 4. Each and every day with them is a gift I could never repay. We try to honor the culture of Kazakhstan, but these kids are all-American as well.

    Mostly, the blogs we wrote of our trips tell the love story that is my family…

    • susanmccrea Says:

      Thanks you so much, McCracken, for your comments and sharing about you and your three children. Welcome to my blog! I am writing a set of articles about the subject of cultural adoption. It sounds like you are in the process of adopting the genetic culture of your children! If only more adopted, transcultural parents would extend themselves, like you, to become part of their children’s biological heritage!They share your culture and heritage through adoption. You are definitely going “the second mile’ to embrace their biological heritage….Please consider following and joining the dialogue on cultural adoption on this blog.

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