More on “I am the Fruit of Two Trees”

I am the fruit of two trees, each one giving me life and sustenance, and each one forming me. How can two trees produce one fruit? How can I have an identity formed by two trees?
The first gave me my biological aspects. I get my shape and color, my physical nature, and some of my traits and talents from it. The second provided for nurture for my growth – the water, the sun, the air, my basic care and maturing, came through it, and added to my traits and talents.
Nature and nurture, natural with adopted, how do I separate myself into two compartments – my biological and environmental selves? The two are so intertwined they become one, a new fruit – me!
All these complex forces find their repository in my personhood. I am the sum of aspects of all four parents, two of them forming each tree. I am the product of deep biological drives, coupled with strong environmental energies, selectively and synergistically combining to become the individual I am.


2 Responses to “More on “I am the Fruit of Two Trees””

  1. Josh Says:

    Sweet! Just like that! I like it…

    • susanmccrea Says:

      Thanks, Josh. dear son-in-law. I am so grateful for all the help you have given me with the graphics, my Facebook Fan Page, website, and this blog!

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