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The Perilous Path

April 28, 2010

I am still on the perilous path of proposals and publishing, waiting for a response of any kind. I am determined to get my story out there, but it’s not easy. If you care to join me in this journey, please comment and also tune into my Facebook Fan Page for details of the journey.


Book Proposal

April 16, 2010

For the past eight weeks I have been working on a book proposal for my adoption/reunion book and just sent it in yesterday to an interested editor. What a relief to have it finished! It is step one on a long journey.


April 7, 2010

I am in the process of writing my adoption/reunion book. Are there any other writers or wannabes who would like to share this journey? I’m learning lots and would also love to hear what you have to share.

Are You Touched by Adoption?

April 5, 2010

Welcome! Please share who you are and if adoption has touched you in any way. Are you a member of the classic Adoption Triad (adoptee, birth parent, or adopted parent)? Or the Adoption Constellation (spouse, sibling or other relative of a triad person)? Or just interested in the subject of adoption for other reasons? Thanks.

Which Is More Important?

April 2, 2010

I am their child; each one can claim me as that. They gave me their inheritance – physical, soul, and/or spirit. It’s up to me what I do with each of their gifts, positive or negative.
My bio-parents gave me the substance for life, the raw genetic material , that basic ball of clay. My environ-parents contributed to the structures for this clay. Which is more important, the clay or the forms it is cast into? How can one make that judgment! Both are essential for the finished product as are my choices in how to react to their contributions.

More on “I am the Fruit of Two Trees”

April 1, 2010

I am the fruit of two trees, each one giving me life and sustenance, and each one forming me. How can two trees produce one fruit? How can I have an identity formed by two trees?
The first gave me my biological aspects. I get my shape and color, my physical nature, and some of my traits and talents from it. The second provided for nurture for my growth – the water, the sun, the air, my basic care and maturing, came through it, and added to my traits and talents.
Nature and nurture, natural with adopted, how do I separate myself into two compartments – my biological and environmental selves? The two are so intertwined they become one, a new fruit – me!
All these complex forces find their repository in my personhood. I am the sum of aspects of all four parents, two of them forming each tree. I am the product of deep biological drives, coupled with strong environmental energies, selectively and synergistically combining to become the individual I am.